General Prompt List

1. Military Leader, 1960s, Monochromatic

2. Actor, 1980s, Grayscale

3. Comedian, 1950s

4. Criminal, 1910s, Monochromatic

5. Country Leader, 1970s

6. Relative, 1970s, Black and White

7. Criminal, 2000s, Color

8. Folk Hero or Legend, 1920s, Grayscale

9. Sports Figure, 1910s, Grayscale

10. Person from Coin, 1880s, Color

11. Relative, 2000s, Monochromatic

12. Person from Paper Currency, 1970s, Black and White

13. Sports Figure, 1930

14. Prominent Law official, 1910s, Color

15. Comedian, 1940s, Black and White

16. Folk Hero or Legend, 1890s, Monochromatic

17. Musician, 1990s, Color

18. Author, 1910s

19. Relative, 1970s

20. Musician, 1910s, Color

21. Scientist, 1900s

22. Author, 1980s, Color

23. Military Leader, 1860s, Grayscale

24. Folk Hero or Legend, 2010s, Black and White

25. Person from paper currency, 1910s, Black and White

26. Comedian, 1970s, Color

27. Military Leader, 1960s

28. Scientist, 2010s, Color

29. Sports Figure, 2000s, Monochromatic

30. Criminal, 1950s, Grayscale

31. Actor, 1930s, Grayscale

Specific Prompt List

Don't want to choose someone use this list.

1. William Westmoreland
2. Corey Haim
3. Jerry Lewis
4. Vincent Peruggia
5.Mao Zedong
6. Parent or Sibling
7. Seán FitzPatrick
8. Harry Houdini
9. Jack Johnson
10. Queen Victoria
11. Aunt or Uncle
12. Queen Elizabeth
13. Jimmie Foxx
14. Alice Stebbins Wells
15. Lou Costello
16.Paul Kruger
17. Mariah Carey
18. Edgar Rice Burroughs
19. Grand Parent, Aunt or Uncle
20. Blanche Ring
21. Barnum Brown
22. R.L. Stine
23. Winfield Scott
24. Anna Chapman
25. John J. Knox
26.Richard Pryor
27. Ho Chi Minh
28. Richard Heck
29. Serena Williams
30. Griselio Torresola
31. Buster Crabbe


What is it?

Inspired by other monthly drawing challenges, I have decided to create a challenge for myself for the month of December. Draw a caricature based on daily prompts during one of the busiest months of the year. Sounds a bit crazy. Maybe it is. But I'm going to give it a shot and invite other artists to participate.

17, Nov 2019


Why do it?

Have fun drawing caricatures.

Improve capturing a person's likeness.

Learn a new artistic technique.


How to participate

Draw a caricature, every day, based on the Official Caricacember prompt list.

Free days included in the Challenge. You choose whether to draw on holidays or other days of personal significance. (IE, religious holidays, new year's eve, family gatherings).

#caricacember #caricacember2019
Post to social media for each day's prompt with the artwork or your reason for taking the free day. Share why the Free Day is important to you.

Be Kind. Caricatures are not mean or cruel. Avoid negative, derogatory, teasing and bullying caricatures.

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